What is
the old school?

Simply put, The Old School™ was established to help young men and women gain wisdom
and understanding in our day. In the midst of an age of economic challenges, changing
educational objectives, and a culture that has lost its way, we are dedicated to training and
mentoring this generation.


Any successful organization recognizes that the person who has technical expertise plus the ability to express ideas usually ascends to a position of leadership that inspires people. Given this demand for leadership and the short supply of qualified applicants - a unique opportunity now exists to fill a great need in universities, companies, and communities around the world.  We need men and women of character, courage and commitment to step up. Our programs prepare willing students to do just that.



What can The Old School
do for you?

  • High School Students
    • Knowing that gaining admission to your college of choice is a primary concern, The Old School training provides you with tools that show you to be “wise beyond your years.” Our study and test-taking techniques not only bolster your grades, but also enhance your opportunities to score well on standardized tests and to finish strong during your last, most important years of high school.
  • College Students
    • Getting off to a great start in college from day one is a huge advantage. The Old School gives you invaluable instruction in instant recall, test-taking strategies, and time management. Choosing your major, student organizations, and budgeting are also taught - as well as other helpful topics concerning the adjustment to campus life.
    • Employers can find technicians, but they need employees with extraordinary interpersonal communication skills; otherwise known as the “it factor.” Here we train you to use Words that WOW! and build instant rapport. We provide detailed interview skills with instruction in the proper job search techniques and follow-up activities. Additionally, we give you a quantitative method to make the best decisions as you land your “dream job” right out of college.
    • As you look to optimize your career success, you can find key tools at The Old School™. Specialized training units in the areas of Influence and Persuasion, Master Storytelling and Public Speaking are added to the core curriculum for this workshop. The topics are designed to allow you to excel well beyond your years - and your peers.
    • After you have achieved success, become significant by passing on your wisdom to the next generation. As the course title, “Pouring Your Expertise and Your Heart Into the Next Generation,” indicates, that is exactly what our Mentor Workshop is all about.
More specifically, the training involves A) understanding three main concepts: and B) learning five key interpersonal skills that are familiar to us all, but almost universally misapplied or under-applied in our culture.

Three Major Concepts



The Curriculum

  1. Instant Recall
      How to forgo the reliance on notes or electronic devices.
  2. Words that "Wow!"
    1. Special words and phrases that make a positive impact.
  3. Influence & Persuasion
      Six major influence techniques and 15 persuasive phrases.
  4. Reason
    1. Use of logic and powerful questioning techniques.
  5. Master Storytelling
    1. Secrets and techniques of the ultimate communication tool.

Additionally, topics such as Interviewing Skills, Time Management, Making Big Decisions, Leaving a Lasting Impression, Test-Taking, Public Speaking and Writing Tips will all be covered. These topics, along with The Old School’s core concepts and skills, combine to provide a curriculum for The Old School™ Certification which will significantly enhance any student’s ability to engage and motivate through written or oral communication, while automatically improving social skills, business professionalism – and most importantly – leadership skills.